Bookstall Vendor

by Phantazein Studio

Bookstall vendor Rue La Fayette Paris FranceRue Lafayette, Paris

I pass this vendor every week on my way to the lab where I develop my film. I’ve never seen him make an actual sale and I gather he maintains his stall purely for the pleasure of having it. Over the past couple months I’ve summoned the courage to take a photo of him every time I pass by  and he’s come to recognize me, or at least I think so. While he doesn’t seem exactly thrilled to be photographed every time I see him, he hasn’t objected yet.

This is one of many  relics of Paris that attributes to its particular charm, but over time can lend to a sensation of being trapped in a time warp with no end. Viewed through the eyes of a California born New Yorker with contemporary preferences, this rings especially true. Yet as cliché has it, there is no other modern city that rivals Paris’ beauty. These details will forever remain imprinted on my heart.