Month: March, 2014

Down And Out in Paris

candy boulanger paris vieux old man grands boulevardsclochard gare du nord homeless street parisclochard grands boulevards homeless sleeping paris streetGare Du Nord vendeur livres book vendor parisClochard republique paris boulevard magenta homeless
Despite the uncharacteristically sunny weather in Paris as of late, some of us are not feeling it.

A Wonderful Day In The Hood

Rue de Belleville Paris Cafe Vieux ElderlyRue de belleville old man cane paris streetMenilmontant arab hair salon paris coiffeurMenilmontant paris marche marketmenilmontant retouche vetements parisMenilmontant Street Scene Paris Signs

Belleville/ Menilmontant, Paris

This area of Paris is dubbed by the French as “Populaire,” which is a nice way of saying hood. It is an unexpected melange of disparate cultures within a condensed area and despite the insularity of each ethnic group, somehow it works.

Bookstall Vendor

Bookstall vendor Rue La Fayette Paris FranceRue Lafayette, Paris

I pass this vendor every week on my way to the lab where I develop my film. I’ve never seen him make an actual sale and I gather he maintains his stall purely for the pleasure of having it. Over the past couple months I’ve summoned the courage to take a photo of him every time I pass by  and he’s come to recognize me, or at least I think so. While he doesn’t seem exactly thrilled to be photographed every time I see him, he hasn’t objected yet.

This is one of many  relics of Paris that attributes to its particular charm, but over time can lend to a sensation of being trapped in a time warp with no end. Viewed through the eyes of a California born New Yorker with contemporary preferences, this rings especially true. Yet as cliché has it, there is no other modern city that rivals Paris’ beauty. These details will forever remain imprinted on my heart.


Graffiti artist trash rue denoyez belleville parisGraffiti artist rue denoyez bellevilleGraffiti artist Paris France Rue DenoyezAmerican Graffiti artist rue denoyez belleville paris

Rue Denoyez, Belleville, Paris
The alley of ever evolving graffiti art in Belleville.


Lyon France View from HillLyon France Au Rendez Vous Des AmisLyon France Le Temps D'une Pause

Lyon, France

Nonstop rain on that day. Charming as this little time warp was, the energy of the town weighed on me like an invisible oppressive force. I had to break away on my own into the tiny streets atop the distant hills until evening.


Oxford Christ Church Dining HallOxford England view from clock tower

Oxford, England

“One day my kids will study here.”


Fred oxford table
Oxford, England. February 2014