by Phantazein Studio

SHOREDITCH LONDON sShoreditch, London

An unexpected tear in your translucent veneer of safety. You feel the blood rushing out of your limbs as it bottoms out from beneath you.

Sometimes you need a hammer to come down on you to remind you of your post in this world. To sever any notions of security or connectedness to the artifices of your own making. To obliterate all the expectations which are built on those artifices, so that you can start from zero again.

Flashbacks of all the poignant moments of heartbreak in your life. This is one of them. This time, your only surprise is the swiftness with which the sensation dilutes itself. It’s as if you were standing at the bottom of a lake, watching the entire scene play out above the water’s surface. The moment of clarity is brief, interrupted by the slightest ripple overhead which obscures the image until you’re no longer sure of what you’re looking at.

In the end, you’re left wondering whether it happened at all.